Artificial turf infill solutions

Benvic is pleased to introduce the Xtended series TPE Infill solutions,

offering a range of three products.

The 3rd generation Artificial Turf (AT) is distinguished by longer fibres ranging from 40 to 60 mm in height and by use of the so called performance infill granules strewn between the fibres, so that the shoe studs can find the right foothold.

The performance infill consists of elastomeric granules made of thermoset rubbers or specially designed Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE).

The main difference between the two types of infill is that thermoset rubbers cannot be further reused or reprocessed at the end of their life cycle while Themoplastic Elastomers are fully recyclable and can be reused and transformed several times.

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Solutions - Two main AT systems

Without shock pad

or e-layer

⦁ Long pile height from 50 to 70 mm,

⦁ sand layer from 10 to 15 mm,

⦁ infill layer from 25 to 35 mm.

With shock pad

or e-layer

⦁ shorter pile height from 40 to 50 mm,

⦁ sand layer from 10 to 15 mm,

⦁ infill layer from 8 to 15 mm.

The use of the shock pad or e-layer beneath the turf carpet confers elasticity to the playing surface and allows the reduction of the infill layer and the use of shorter grass fibres, all of which reduces the overall construction costs.

Both techniques enable excellent sports performance and also comply with FIFA Quality Concept guidelines.

3rd generation Artificial Turf (AT) can be used for Soccer, American Football and Rugby.

The infill is a key element in the artificial turf system, because it sets the quality and performance characteristics of the playing surface.


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Product range




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Holo - Advanced infill technology

HOLO® is the most advanced infill product available on the market. Its high profile characteristics rely on the combination of two elements:

  • The innovative cylindrical shape with hollow space inside the granule, which makes possible its “shock-absorption” function (european patent).

  • The engineered compound formulation offering a perfect balance of elasticity and resilience, which allows the granule to return to its original shape after the impact.

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Compared to the other infill materials HOLO® provides a “natural feeling” never experienced before on artificial surfaces.


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Terra - Eco-friendly certified infill

The TERRA® products, designed to grant maximum playing comfort and environmental safety, are certified according to the most stringent environmental regulations.

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Forgrin -

Sports performance for every condition

The wide range of FORGRIN® products is designed for use in different climatic conditions, and can be installed in fields exposed to the coldest as well as the hottest weathers in the world.

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Product chart by exposure zone

* kLangley: unit of measurement of solar radiation 1 kLangley = 1 kcal/cm2 = 41.84 MJ/m² - 1 kLangley/year = 1.33 W/m2

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