As leading provider for polymer compounds, Benvic is already engaged with PVC and biopolymers, solutions for various medical and healthcare products.
Due to the pandemic situation, spaces and goods were not designed to manage risks associated of virus presence. Make them safe again is now considered as a necessary improvement either by adding a smart protection, either by improving their own properties.
Solution considered will make surfaces virus and bacteria non friendly, but main challenge is making it efficient: cost driven, ready to be implemented and not provide any kind of harmfulness.
This challenge is met by Benvic innovation: Plastisafe improve most of all polymer surfaces by reducing drastically the virus and bacteria life span.
Plastisafe, as patented solution, as not containing nanoparticles or biotoxic elements, is safe by having no negative impact on food, health and environment.
Plastisafe is the solution for your applications to make them care about their users, your customers.
Plastisafe by modifying the electrostatic properties reduces drastically the possibility for micro organism to remain on the surface and makes reducing
their amount.
Plastisafe is a non-organic and non toxic agent which cannot be released as nano particle, totally bio- compatible. This represent a great advantage compared to bio toxic solutions.
Plastisafe has been tested according to ISO22196, ISO 846 standards with a reduction after 24h up to 92% for bacteria For viruses, test has been performed on corona virus XXX, with a result of YYY.
Plastisafe is not a coating and remains even after mechanical or chemical exposure
Reducing the occurrence of possible contamination during material life, from processing to final use.
Reducing sanitizing cost and constrains.
Allows smart protections against pandemic.
Give long term solutions for product design to anticipate anti micro organism features.
Offering excellent performance / cost ratio compared to other solution.
Personnal protection
Protecting elements efficiency and life improvement
Public spaces and public transportation
Protecting and splitting elements for public spaces, stores and public transportation. Reduction of sanitizing costs and times
Building appliances
Water distribution and air conditioning hoses and fittings, lighting switches, door and system handles. Improvement of existing material properties.
Medical and healthcare
Behaviour improvement of building, equipment, packag- ing and disposable elements compared to existing antiviral and bacterial agents.
Packaging, retail & payment
Improve packaging and retail material (carts, baskets...) performance against contaminating agent dissemination. Credit card materials.
Man machine interfaces
Self sanitized, keys, keyboards, controllers and touch screens .
How to order
As leader in vinyl compounds, Benvic is proving almost all the wide range of com- pounds with the PlastiSafe feature.
To make available in wide scale, Benvic can support customer by providing the PlastiSafe as materbatch or liquid dispersion for any kind of polymer base, except vinyl. On demand, Benvic can also consider depending the production capabilities any kind of compound. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

A self sanitazing solution for plastic surfaces
A unique
solution for
self sanitizing